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About Us

Our company covers all aspects of the pool and spa industry, specialising in all pool and spa refurbishment. Repairing and renovating old pools is a regular source of work for our team and we understand the unique requirements of this area of work. Through using our vast experience we can instantly understand the style, quality and build of an old pool.

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We are currently updating our portfolio of work, please visit the site again soon to view our gallery.

Home and Away!

While being based in The Lake District, Just Add Water has clients nationwide and abroad. Private Pools, Commercial Pools, Hotel and Leisure Complexes, Schools, Colleges, Clubs and the odd celebrity! Whatever the size, whatever the distance, we can help you make a splash!

If you are looking for more information about Swimming Pool, Spa, Changing Room Refurbishments then please give us a call. We may need to arrange a visit to look at any projects but will always endeavour to give a price indication over the phone. You will also not be charged for initial consultations or quotations and these come without obligation.

What People say...

We at Alba/SB Pools Ltd have used the services of "Just Add Water" over the past years and found all his screed tile works to be of a very high standard. Not only do they do a 100% plus job, they are very tidy workers, respect customers' property and comes very highly recommended by myself.

We have used Just Add Water on all types of works from installation of internal mosaic tiles to swimming pools, setting of pool edge tiles which need to be laid to the tolerances of +/- 2mm and then onto all types of surround tileworks from again large format tiles, but also marble slabs, etc. To summarise, we would be happy for Steve to be associated to any screed tileworks.
Stephen Booth / Managing Director / Alba Pools

I am pleased to report that we have always been very happy with the high standard of Just Add Waters work. They have been involved in numerous projects with us, undertaking tiling and rendering work in and around swimming pools. They have been involved with both Domestic and Commercial installations, with deck level and conventional skimmer type pools, including completion of tile bands, mosaics and motifs.

I can honestly say that once they start a project we can leave them to it. If they encounter any problems, they manage them effectively and complete the work as agreed, on time and on budget. We have never had any issues or complaints about any aspect of their work, which is very important, since they represent our company when he is at a client’s premises.
Carla Brayshaw / Smiths Leisure Services Ltd


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